Gas pipeline scheme would not serve NH by Liz Fletcher, Mason

Gas pipeline scheme would not serve NH by Liz Fletcher, Mason
Nashua Telegraph, Thursday, January 29, 2015
Gas pipeline scheme would not serve NH
Liz Fletcher
Letter to the Editor
Anyone who believes Kinder Morgan’s giant gas pipeline will bring cheap natural gas to New England is being suckered. Why is this pipeline six times bigger than New England’s projected capacity shortfall in 2029?
This oversized pipeline’s destination is Dracut MA – terminus of Northeast & Maritimes Pipeline supplying gas to Massachusetts from Canada. Recently N&M’s owners applied to reverse its flow back to Canada. Simultaneously, two Canadian ports just applied to switch from importing to exporting liquified natural gas. These export facilities will be operational by 2019, same time Kinder Morgan expects to finish its pipeline.
Voila! New England becomes the pass-through place for natural gas on its way to the world market. Some of this gas may be available in New England, but it won’t be cheap. New Englanders will have to match world prices, significantly higher than domestic prices.
Adding insult to injury, New England’s governors, through their New England States Committee on Electricity, agreed to charge New England electric ratepayers a tariff to build Kinder Morgan’s pipeline. We could be forced to fund this export scheme while paying more for natural gas.
The greatest injury is to landowners and conservation lands of New Hampshire’s beautiful landscape, now under threat from eminent domain if Kinder Morgan gets FERC permission to slash its giant pipeline through our region.
Gov. Hassan, don’t get duped by Kinder Morgan’s empty promises. Support New Hampshire’s 10-year state energy strategy – it shows we can have reliable energy without Kinder Morgan’s pipeline.
Liz Fletcher
[Thank you to Barbara Devore for sharing this]