Letter to the Editor: Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Here we are at election time exercising our god given right as a free people to choose our own representatives. Not many in this dangerous world ever get the chance to vote and we become so complacent about it. It is great, as I drive around Mason, to see the signs for the candidates placed by those enthusiastic folks who believe in their cause.

But what does make me very sad is the way democrats exercise their free speech. I notice that on many of the street corners, democrat candidate signs have been placed in front of republican candidate signs and that republican candidate signs are actually being stolen. How do I know? My republican candidate signs have mysteriously disappeared. And so have my neighbors.

There was a time when folks actually believed in something of value. I thought I would never see those values dragged thru the mud, stepped on, and replaced with things like “political correctness” and “social equality”, both of which are myths. It looks like Freedom of Speech is the next freedom to be thrown on the trash heap, along with religious freedom and freedom from governmental tyranny. I fear for my grandchildren’s future.


Tom Mitchell

Briggs Road

Mason, NH.



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  1. Gale Taylor
    October 19, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Dear Mr. Mitchell,

    I am one of those enthusiastic candidates you mentioned. Maybe you have seen my signs all around Mason. And, I couldn’t agree with you more – having campaign signs removed is just so aggravating!

    I hope to meet you sometime very soon so you can see for yourself that my values would naturally be that I would never remove another candidate’s sign. I am a Democrat. I don’t think any of the candidates from any party would steal signs. We all work way too hard putting the signs up, and spend a lot of our own personal money on those signs. Do you know they cost about $10.00 a piece? Even though I don’t think signs determine the winner of an election, I still don’t want anyone removing those signs.

    I must admit, when mine disappear I get upset. But I have found over time that many disappear because they’ve been blown away. I’ve learned to dig deeper holes for the frame and staple all around the paper sign. It helps, but even with that, they get removed.

    At the end of my road there is a little triangle where candidates put up signs. I have to repair mine and others almost ever other day. By the way, I also replace Republican signs when I see they’ve been blown down. Maybe they had been picked up and tossed by someone, but I really think most of the time they just get removed because of the weather.

    In response to your other point “democrat candidate signs have been placed in front of republican candidate signs,” it goes both ways. It has to because not everyone’s sign can be in front. Sometimes it is good to be the first sign there to get the best spot, and other times it is bad because what you thought was a good spot turns out to be behind another’s sign.

    I hope you stop by our candidates’ night on Thursday night Oct. 23rd from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the upstairs auditorium at the Brookline Town Hall, 1 Main St Brookline, NH. Speakers include State Senator Peggy Gilmour, Hillsborough County Attorney Patricia LaFrance, candidate for Sheriff Bill Barry, Susan Ladmer candidate for County Commissioner and two candidates running for the two state representative seats in District 26 (Brookline and Mason) are incumbent Melanie Levesque and candidate Gale Taylor. (me!) You will have the opportunity to question all of us about issues of interest. Coffee and desserts will be served.

    Everyone is welcome!

    ​Gale Toale Taylor
    Candidate for NH State Representative District 26 (Brookline/Mason)

    Website: galeforrep.nhdems.org Email: Gale@GaleForceFacilitators.com
    42 Dupaw Gould Road Brookline, NH 603-721-5038

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