Letter: More on Mason Roads

Letter to the Editor,

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Elsworth’s concerns posted to the editor on July 14. I live on one of these “T” intersection roads. I have no idea why we spent thousands of dollars making these new intersections. It is rumored that because of the numerous accidents that have accord at the intersection of Russell and Wilton that a “T” intersection was needed. Neighbors of this extremely dangerous intersection who have lived there for many many years said they only remember one drunk teenager failing to stop at the end of Russell and ending in the woods across Wilton Rd. In no way would this new intersection have changed the outcome of this event. The money spent on road maintenance in this town is truly criminal. I believe someday someone on the road crew will see the inside of a jail for having stolen from all of us.

What I find even worse than these intersections is the multiple fulltime road crew employees yet on any given day I challenge you to find two working on the roads. I assume maintaining our roads is a primary duty of theirs? Please join me in pleading with our road crew to do their job of maintaining our roads and not creating fancy intersections.

Colin Robinson