Letter: Mason Town Roads

Letter to the Editor:

We all know about all the changes in the highway dept. which MAY have caused some problems. This letter is about the dirt roads in town. My main concern is the grading of the roads, specifically Starch Mill Rd. Who asked for wider roads? This road is now 2′ – 4′ wider. Who asked for lower roads? Who asked for the new “T” intersections? The grading of at least this road has pushed the road material off into the trees, culverts and stone walls. Trees have been cut into with the grader which will eventually require these trees to be cut down. A telephone pole is now part of the road way. This grading has made, at least this road lower. The road will not drain because the edges of the road are higher than the road itself because of this type of grading over the past couple of years. Having wider roads lets the speed increase. After spending money on the road material, the equipment, and their wear and tear on this equipment and man hours all seem to be wasteful.
MAYBE Dave Morrison should be hired by the town to at LEAST provide instruction on how to grade a road properly. Dave did a GREAT JOB for many years.
Why doesn’t the Highway Dept. TALK with the residents on these roads, BEFORE they change the norm? Communication DOES help!!
I am not saying that the Highway people have not tried. BUT, seeing these results makes me pause and wonder… why don’t they ask for proper help?

Gary Elsworth