Temple NH Planning Board LWES

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At the Public Hearing on June 3rd, the SEC ruled in our favor.
We are awaiting the final written ruling. In the meanwhile, it appears that Temple and New Ipswich retain the right to review a Large Wind Energy System as defined by State RSAs and our local ordinances.

Click here for the NH SEC site with all the documents.

A message about the Timbertop Wind project being proposed in Temple and New Ipswich:

The Timbertop Wind project should be under the control of Town Boards: Selectmen, Planning and Zoning.

The developer, Timbertop Wind LLC 1, is fighting hard to get the State of NH to take jurisdiction away from us. They do not want to conform to our Zoning Ordinance. Control by the State would nullify our Large Wind Ordinance.

Working with New Ipswich, through our attorney, we have contested this attempt to circumvent our regulations. These regulations were approved by Temple voters in March, 2012 by a very large majority.

Whether or not you are enthusiastic about having modern windmills rising 500 feet over the top of Kidder Mountain is not the issue. Local control of the siting, construction, and operation of this commercial wind energy facility should remain with the Temple and New Ipswich Boards.


Click here for background information about the Large Wind Energy Systems Ordinance.

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