Lost Old Dog seen on RR Trail near Quarry

2013-10-15_08-54-16_39-LostDog2013-10-15_08-56-27_410-LostDogSeen this morning around 9 AM.



Thank you Michelle Scott for send this in. Her note as follows:

This morning I was on the rail trail near the turnoff for the quarry, and met a large mastiff face/bloodhound body dog.  He is very old, friendly but a little suspicious of a stranger.  He has an unsteady walk, but was making his way north.  I could not get him to follow me and my dog, and he lay down, obviously tired.  Is there anything we can do here in Mason to help find his owner?  Attached are 2 pictures of him.  He is not dangerous, and I can’t recall if he had a collar, but I don’t think so.