2013.06 Mason Graduates!

Yesterday was a memorable day for many Mason families!  Milford High School graduation took place at 10 am this morning; it was a beautiful day and a fitting ceremony.  This year’s graduating class included the first group of Mason students who attended Milford High School for all four years.  There were 13 Mason grads out of the total 210 graduating seniors.

Mason has a reason to be proud of each and every graduate.  Moreover, five of the top 10 graduating seniors (class rank) were from Mason.  So, although Mason residents comprised only 6% of the graduates, Mason residents comprised 50% of the top 10.  The 5 members of the top 10 ranked seniors, in alphabetical order, are:
Rachel Doucet
Sammy Guiry
Katie Lannin
Alison Siegmann
Sabrina Strelow.

The complete list of graduates also includes:
Mycala Blanchard
Luke Hager
Crystal Jones
Shane Malouf-Pieterse
Molly McGuire
Foster Scholl
Andrew Turilli
Nathan Turilli

We have some wonderful youngsters in Mason!  And, Milford High School is clearly challenging them and supporting them through a quality education.  We have a lot to be proud of.

Linda Lannin