2013.05 Town Clerk News

Heads up for Grandparents Day on Thursday, June 6, to have lunch with your grandchild at school followed by a spring concert. The open-to-everyone spring concert will be held again in the evening the same day at 6 pm. I’ll send an update a little later.
Many thanks to those of you who registered your dogs before the April 30 deadline. There are still some of you out there and we’ll be making calls to remind you to come in and license your dog(s). After June 1, a $1 per month penalty will start to accrue as well as the $25 civil forfeiture fee.
We hope to get the tax bills mailed out by May 30 with a due date of July 11. Due to the July 4th holiday the previous week you get an extra week. Don’t forget you can check your bill online at www.nhtaxkiosk.com as well as print your bill and see when payment was made if sent by your escrow company. One thing to keep in mind: We have to mail the tax bills to the owner of record. We do send the tax file to some of the biggest escrow companies (because they usually ask for them). However, some of the smaller companies do not request the file so it is up to the property owner to make sure their escrow company knows how much is due. You can also direct them to the web site.