2013.04 Rabies Clinic Consideration!

From the town clerk’s office….

I would like people to be aware that during the rabies clinic tomorrow — Saturday / 10 to noon — that there will be a Mason PD/State Police presence at the school.

I know I sent the letter out from the school a few days ago, but on Saturday they will be firing (blanks) as part of their training. Even though it’s inside the school it may bother some dogs.
I strongly recommend you keep your dog leashed when you come — sounds like common sense but we’ve had people bring their dogs unleashed in previous years. If you’re bringing your cat, the vet can take the cat into the building where we shut the doors between the library and the open room to keep them contained. We can also do the same for the dogs if you prefer.
We hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from coming and, again, the office will be open to license your dog after vaccination.
Thank you.