Mason Election results, Articles 1-6

Election Results, Articles 1-6


Bernard O’Grady — 202
Shane Robinson — 66

Trustee of Cemeteries:
Kenneth Spacht — 272

Library Trustee:
Christine Weiss — 278

Supervisor of the Checklist:
Dorothy Minior — 11 (write in)

Trustee of Trust Fund:
George Schwenk — 268

SB2 — 177 yes   139 no  (190 needed to pass / failed)


School Board Member:
Robert Hemmer — 234
C. Christopher Guiry — 25 (write in)

District Clerk:
Rebecca Partridge — 247

Art. 2 — 257 yes   37 no (accept reports)

Art. 3 — 250 yes   61 no (budget)

Art. 4 — 219 yes   88 no (retain year-end unassigned general funds…)

Art. 5 — 194 yes   114 no ($10K for educating educationally disabled children capital reserve fund)

Art. 6 — 116 yes   194 no (rescind SB2 / needed 186 to pass / failed)

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  1. Theophilus
    March 14, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    Hi, Myself and my daughter Faith attended the conservation committee concerning the transfer of the Quarry and land from the LLC that owns it now. There are several you tube videos you can access by looking up Mason N.H. Quarry. We have turned a blind eye on a lot of bad behavior in the Quarry for years. See for yourself. I describe it as a can of worms, I dont see its acquisition as of much value. A lot of our Police Resources will have to focus on this area to change the culture. They say Chief Hutchins wants to take it on. Summer time will be the problem , Swimming ,trash, alcohol etc. Good luck. I would not promote it as a safe place to swim, most Quarries are not , no bottom for a novice swimmer. Thanks Kirk Farrell

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