Letter: Thanks for the Gazebo

To the Townspeople of Mason,

We your neighbors would like to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in the gazebo project.  To the people who came up with the idea, the people who raised the funds, everyone who donated, and everyone who helped build it: Thank You.  We really appreciate it.  We love having a central place where we can gather outdoors to socialize with other townsfolk while our children play together on the lawn and we look forward to many fun town events there in the future.

To us the gazebo isn’t just a structure, it’s a symbol of our community coming together. You’ll find us there most every sunny day around noon enjoying good company and conversation.  Please come join us any time!

Patricia Cross
Becky Demmons
Tracy Williams
Melissa Ziemiecki
Jen Schongar
Angie Leak
Harmony Fowler
Becky Pepin