Roadside Cleanup Time Again!

Traditionally April’s the month to do the roadside cleanup, after the snow’s gone and before the bugs come out. This year people can start early — the snow’s long gone and bugs are beginning to gather already. It doesn’t have to be done all in one day, just sometime in the month of April. People can choose the time that works for them, to pick up their favorite section of road. Charlie Lanni of the Mason Conservation Commission is coordinating. He has the big blue bags for pick-up. Please call Charlie at Charlie’s Auto Repair shop 878-3637 to let him know where and when you can do your part of the cleanup. Then you can leave the bags by the roadside for Mason’s Highway Crew to collect. Let Charlie know you’re joining in, call 878-3637. Maybe someday the slobs who litter will wake up and stop using the world as a wastebasket — in the meantime, many thanks for helping out!

Liz Fletcher