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  2. david
    August 19, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    Alright Time for me to step up to the plate. 1st thing I will Address is Pat. Pat, Stop. You are like talking to a rock. You don’t understand what anyone is trying to tell you. So let me put this in a way you can understand. Fred + Road Agent Job = Better roads in Mason. That’s it. Again just in case you did not get it…FRED is our new road agent and now the roads look good. So let’s move on….You are proud to be rude? DUMB DUMB DUMB (That was my frustration with you). That just threw any little chance of being credible (you may have had)out the window. Just because you can complain, be rude in public, and act like a moron does not make you intimidating to anyone. This complaining about Fred is really getting to the point where you are begining to stir people, like myself, out and to call you out on your childish behaviors. This is why you do not have a favorable name in town ( except for your small group of your friends) So please knock this off soon or you will hear how people really feel about you and there is no way you could be proud of that, regardless of the tough girl attitude you may try to portray. SECOND TOPIC- Like I wrote weeks ago in a post to all you MOMMA BIRDS, No one in this town is entitled to crap. You speak about how good of a job our past employees have done. Try going through the selectman minutes and you will see why some town employees had to be spoken to. THIRD TOPIC- THIS IS FOR ALL YOU MORONS- THE ROADS LOOK F-ing incredible. I dont care if Fred, Dave, Skippy ( Michael J FOx’s friend from “Family Ties”) or Topanga ( from “Boy Meets World”)is currently in charge, because whoever is working in the roads right now is doing a better job than I have ever seen. NOW, This means I dont give 2 SH**s who was was treated poorly by the selectman of this town, because it isn’t relevant to Fred’s current performance, nor should it impact Fred negatively. Dave stepped down after he was spoken to and maybe it had to do with lack of performance or questionable desicions/acts? I don’t know?. The fact is, a new road agent was hired and now the roads look great. Now a small group are acting like whiney children and can not accept the fact that the new road agent is doing a Great Job. So the only thing they can do is…. try to have the town vote on it, so they can try to make this a popularity contest. FUNK DAT! Fred and the current road crew are doing great. So Please stop with the non-sense about how great of a job the town has always done, because the roads sucked before. ( And no Pat it is not enough to make me move, like your response to one post.) Embrace the improvements. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HOW DAVE WAS TREATED THEN THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. LEAVE THE CURRENT ROAD AGENT OUT. You frigan babies! I swear I know kids, literally kids, 5-7 years old, who are more mature than some of you people in town. Please stop with all the non-sense or I will be forced to continue with my posts and Hell will be coming with me. ( This is just a saying…not a threat..for I would never threaten anyone because I like Teddy Bears, soft Persian Rugs, German Architecture, and Puppies.) Thank You for the Time and this will conclude my post.
    -The Prince Of Mason, and King of your hearts.

  3. mason080808
    August 19, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    First off I am happy for Dave Morrison. I personally have no problem with the man. I am just happy our town is in better shape. You think Dave would be mortified by this? I think he would be more mortified at your articles in support of him.
    If you think Mr. Morrison is would be mortified how do you think Mr. Greenwood feels? The man is working to make this town better than ever and he is getting picked apart by all sorts of Dave supporters. Clearly you can’t see past the tip of your own nose. I can’t get over how hypocritical people are being.
    And from what I understand you would like your house to burn down before you would let Fred leave his post in town? I get it…you just need to find fault where there is none. We have a volunteer Fire Department! 80% of the Fire Departments in the State of New Hampshire are made up of volunteers. I am glad Fred is here in town. A Majority of towns have departments full of people who commute to work. So if my house catches fire during the work day I would be out of luck. Oh but wait Fred is here in town so my house won’t be a pile of ashes.
    Please stop this badgering and look at our town. I know we both agree it’s a great place to live. We are lucky enough to live in a town with such passionate people who all want what’s best for it too. I admire your loyalty to a friend and you can admit you are rude, crude and socially unacceptable. I think that is the best thing I have read by you yet. Kudos to you.
    I would like to know when the meeting is for the road agent vote decision I would like to put names with faces at this event. Its funny how that is not posted online…I think everyone should have a say and a vote don’t you?

  4. Pat
    August 19, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Thank you for your kind words of support. C’est la vie. As to regarding assistant Fire Chief vs Road Agent the conflict occurs when one must chose the priority. Which is more important? And when? And regarding Dave Morrison. Who would be horrified that this was going on. Dave was treated VERY badly by this town and forced into an unwanted ‘retirement’ (he now works for another town in the same capacity) and I feel VERY strongly that ANYone who knows Dave could and would not even volunteer such animosity towards him. Now, I will defend your right to say and I will even print your opinion(s) and point of views. and you can beat me up about anything I say or do, but do not make the mistake of thinking that I will ever abandon good people doing good things who are treated poorly. Nuff said on that subject.

    And you are right, I can be very rude, crude and socially unacceptable. So? And I am not the least bit embarrassed by that. The more the merrier!!!

  5. mason080808
    August 18, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    OpEd – Pat’s original, per her request
    May 6, 2011
    What was the tone of your article Pat? I think your unedited writing had a very clear rude tone. Stop embarrassing yourself. The roads are in good condition the best in a very long time. I feel from your responses you can’t stand to see other people finally call you out on your rants and personal attacks on people who you don’t care for.
    Pat I think you are rude, crude and socially unacceptable. You are creating an “us vs. them” situation. Mason is my home, and lots of others’ homes — this town is us and its great and we are not going anywhere. We are Mason too. Those who don’t see the problem are “you.” And you don’t seem to be very nice.
    I love this town that’s why I stayed Pat. If you don’t like it why don’t you go elsewhere? How childish…if you don’t like it leave? You are entertaining Pat.

  6. masonnh
    August 18, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    WOW PAT! Who the hell are you to comment about tone? Your friend stepped down and now your going to make a big fuss about this whole situation. You are rediculous! How the hell do you make any sense at all? Why should being a volunteer Assistant Fire Chief be viewed negatively, when choosing our town road agent? If anything I want someone who is dedicated to this town. Someone who looks at what they can do for the town and not what they can get from it. Also what makes you comment on anybodys tone????? when your original article could not be published( it was actually pretty childish). The memeber ” Darkhorse” is 100% right. You never made a big deal before with Mark. You need to grow up! The roads look great now, lets be honest they were crap before.
    Here’s your lesson of the day. Just because someone says the roads are crap….doesn’t mean they should move ( based on Darkhorse’ comments and your response with “Why stay in town if things were so bad” …there’s many more factors than the crappy roads when determining if you should move from a town such as schools, location, employment, I could really give you a large list if it will help you comprehend better. The fact that you would respond like that shows how you really have no valid arguement, except “he’s my friend”. How can anyone honestly take you serious anymore? In your previous comment about getting through the winter roads????? there were many times when I saw people stuck on the hill going up past Parkers, because they weren’t properly taken care of, but you know what I do remember???? FRED GREENWOOD stopping in his personal vehichle to help me and my sister out of a snow bank. I also remember my father plowing the hill in his personal truck so people could get home ( AND HE DIDNT CHARGE THE TOWN OR RENT OUT HIS VEHICLE). So lets be honest here…..Your comments that “you must not know Dave” holds no weight here. Who cares if you knew Dave or not….the roads look good now and it is amazing you will not embrace that. Pat, stop playing the friend card, because it’s a very sad excuse that makes you look like a “Momma Bird” as one writer previously wrote. You are doing everything you can to defend your friends and make Fred look bad. The reality is the more you talk, the better you make Fred look. He is one of the few that have not tried to cut corners and has already proven results. This is a great choice by the selectman. Why put this to a popularity contest. We vote on our selectman and one of your horse friends wrote ” it was the selectman” that was to blame for the treatment of Dave. But yet they continue to attack Fred. Stop wasting everyones time. Dave put in time for the town…thank you. But it is absolutely rediculous to think that someone could not do a better job. So please again. Stop wasting our time! We do not want to hear your complaining. Its in the past…Open your eyes and look at the great things our new road agent has done.

  7. darkhorse
    August 10, 2011 at 10:16 am

    “It is not a personal vendetta” … really?

    Just for curiosity’s sake, where was this petition during Mark Brackett’s problematic term as Road Agent over the winter? Or during Dave Morrison’s month as interim road agent?

    And yet this is not a personal vendetta against the current Road Agent?

    Oh and by the way, has anyone noticed the significantly improved condition and quality of the town’s dirt roads ever since Dave Morrison LEFT the highway department?

    Coincidence? I think not.

    • Pat
      August 10, 2011 at 11:26 am

      Wow. Dave, and only Dave, was responsible for the condition of Mason roads all these years? And if he did such a lousy job how did you survive through ice storms, floods, hurricanes etc? Were you ever able to get in and out of town? How did you manage? Whysoever did you stay in town if things were so bad? It seems to me that losing such key personnel would be a bad idea and an even worse one would be to appoint someone who is not only Road Agent, but Assistant Fire Chief. Do you remember before Mark there was a person named Dave Cook who carried double duty…it was then and still is a conflict of interest. Personally, I want a Road Agent who works for the town, therefore is elected by the town, and is not just another Selectmen appointee who feels that the Selectmen are their boss, when its us, the tax payers, who are the real bosses. PS by the tone of your comment, I understand that you do not know Dave Morrison at all. If you did, you would not dream of submitting such ill conceived notions.

  8. Charlie Moser
    August 8, 2011 at 9:31 am

    I am dismayed that the issue of the road agent is perceived in part as one of long time Mason residents versus newer residents. Having spoken to many people across that spectrum I know that there are newer residents who favor an elected road agent and there are long time residents who do not favor an elected road agent. Opinions, favorable and not, on the quality of Mr. Greenwood’s leadership and work also do not seem to divide along lines of how long the holder of the opinion has lived in town. Fred has some very strong support among long time residents as well as newer ones.

    Each of the persons who signed the petition for a vote “to see if the town will elect its Road Agent” did so for their own reasons. Quite a few are not concerned at all with Mr. Greenwood’s leadership style. There is definitely a perception among some residents that the roads could be better maintained.

    It appears likely that a special town meeting to vote on the question of whether or not we should elect a road agent will be held in October. I hope that the meeting will be well attended. I pray that folks will be civil–this is really about our roads and the management of town government and employees. It is not a personal vendetta. The town meeting will be an excellent forum for everyone, no matter how long they’ve lived in town, to express their feelings, positive or negative, about everything road related in Mason.

  9. whitehorse
    August 5, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    There was never any question whether Fred should have gotten the job when the opening came up. It was how Dave was treated after the fact, the details of which these people never heard. Dave did not contact papers, they contacted him. I, for one, find it incredibly supportive that people were in an uproar over something that never should have happened to begin with. And for you to insinuate Dave wasn’t doing his job and deserved to be railroaded out of it, you don’t know him at all. Being on the job for 40 years is exactly what made him so valuable.

    This was a failure on many levels — failure of the selectmen to do THEIR jobs if they were unhappy with the road conditions over the last 10 years as one example. It is THEIR responsibility to oversee the dept. if things were deteriorating. They chose not to listen to people who complained about equipment and the roads but tried to place blame elsewhere when everything went south.

    These guys — all of them — worked hard and did their jobs according to the direction given to them. Do you seriously think Dave left because he wasn’t doing a good job? Or that he resented Fred becoming road agent? He stepped up to the plate twice when asked and was thanked and complimented by the selectmen themselves for his good work. He turned down the job of road agent because he wanted to do the best job for the TOWN that he knew so well and figured that was to stay out on the roads. He never intended to resign or retire or whatever.

    This was not an issue of someone not liking his new boss. This was indeed bullying at the highest level. To be written up on ridiculous charges (not locking a door was one) twice in the space of three weeks and threatened with firing? Come on. Fred had worked with Dave for the last 6 years or so. He never spoke of any concerns to Dave first or gave him the chance to discuss the issues at hand. There is so much more to what happened than what was in the paper. This was not a simple case of whining over the loss of a job.

    Dave did his job and gave it everything he had for many years. Those who know him and are standing up for him aren’t doing so because he waved to people — they’re doing it because they know how hard he works, how much he loves this town and what needs to be done. And it’s insulting to hear that he thinks he deserves this job simply because he’s been in it a long time.

    Maybe what you don’t know is that Dave supported Fred and gave him the benefit of the doubt to the very end. That’s the kind of person he is. Maybe Fred could have just thumped his chest to show who was boss and left it at that — then maybe we wouldn’t have had all this controversy.

    I say thanks to the people who stood up for something that was clearly unfair and unwarranted. As far as open minded conversation, it was Dave who wanted to improve communication with all parties involved and was left hanging by the selectmen as well. Perhaps the townspeople who are petitioning for this (Dave is not involved at all) are tired of how the town is being run and is using this to voice their dissatisfaction.

    And the best of luck to Fred in his new position.

  10. mason080808
    August 2, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    I have been reading the articles in this little local paper and the area papers. Let me enlighten you… I am disgusted with the bulling all of the so called Mason lifers who feel living in town for thirty plus years entitles you to a job for life even if you lack performance. Does anyone know what the road agent does? Does anyone know what tasks get done each season? Does anyone check the budget and what money is being spent and where? I honestly feel like the selectman made a decision to look at this job and productivity and realized he wasn’t getting it done efficiently. Our town needs to run smoothly and efficiently. I don’t want my tax dollars paying your friends. I want my tax dollars to go to a crew to make the roads safe and cost effective! Thank you selectman for making a decision for the town of Mason.
    People are acting like High School bullies. Tell me in the job description for a road agent…where waving at you is important? Best road crews in southern NH? Dave hand shoveled patches? Dave graded roads? THAT WAS HIS JOB!!!!
    I am horrified that a certain group of Mason lifers can bully and start rumors and try to vote their friends in. News Flash Mason there’s lots of new families in this town who pay taxes and have a say too. Living in town for 30 plus years doesn’t matter. Our roads look great and every time I pass a crew they are finally working. I know in the years I have lived in town that wasn’t the case. Let’s be honest with ourselves, in the past we would see maybe one road agent working and other agents sitting, eating, talking to each other, or just relaxing in their work trucks on the side of the road. Stop spreading rumors to cover your friends job performance. SHAME ON YOU for bullying someone who applied for a job and was qualified. I am sure Fred Greenwood would wave to you but from what I have seen he and his crew are busy doing the job the selectman appointed him to do. Not to mention the dirt roads I travel on have never been in better shape in my 25+ years of living here.
    The icing on the embarrassment cake is putting the road agent as an elected position. Yeah that’s a great idea. So anyone can run regardless of their expertise! I’ll put my name on the ballot…I’ll wave at you while I just collect a check! Clearly you don’t care about how this town is run. How arrogant can one be to honestly believe that being a loyal local entitles anyone to a job? What does it say about you and YOUR selectman that you feel they did not hire a more qualified individual for a town position? This is the backwards thinking and behavior that reminds me how some people can be completely irrational. We are better than all this petty behavior.
    People in this town are being hypocrites. You don’t like Fred Greenwood so you make a new rule in town so you get what you want. You are acting like spoiled children. Grow up!

  11. david
    August 2, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    This is absolutely out of line. I have sat back and read many locals defend Dave Morrison at the expense of Fred Greenwood and I think it is time to give some of you a reality check. The horrible things that I have read and what a small vocal group of Masonites have written are absolutely embarrassing. SHAME ON ANY OF YOU for participating in the rain of verbal assaults on Fred Greenwood, a loyal and active member in the town of Mason. I have read many whimper that Dave Morrison was bullied around and forced to quit, so your response to this is….. to Bully Fred Greenwood? Seriously? I swear this is like a bad episode of Green Acres.
    Since Fred took over, the Mason roads are looking as good as I have ever seen them. The dirt roads are no longer rippled with bumps and divits….My truck thanks you Fred! How many of you have been faced with a boss or manager that you disliked? I know I have and I didn’t step down from my position. Instead I would study my manager’s strengths and have an open minded conversation with them. I have found this is more beneficial and I end up learning valuable lessons and gain knowledge that follows me through life. Don’t forget that your supervisor is in that position because they have done something right and have proven they are qualified. This is why Fred was hired; he is qualified and has already proven results.
    We are a small town and have the right to speak out, but how big of a spectacle do you want. Papers are being contacted and told Dave was bullied out of a job he has worked at for 38 years (Thank You for your service). But let’s be honest here if we can……….Some of you are acting like that protective mother in school, you know the one who defends her son no matter what happened. The teacher tells the mom she saw her son Johnny doing something bad and the mother denies it was Johnny. The Teacher pulls out a picture of Johnny hitting another boy, but still the mother doesn’t want to admit her son was wrong. That’s what you are acting like, a group of Protective Moms and dads; I refer to you as The Momma birds! Nothing entitles a person to any job, not loyalty, number of years you lived in this town, nothing.
    Well, try doing this….Educate yourself on what has really been going on throughout the years and look at the budgets and inquire about anything that doesn’t make sense to you. Get public records if you can. If you do this then you cannot honestly say that the town has been run effectively or efficiently. Hopefully Fred will bring change to this town and help it flourish as we know it can.
    Please stop the insults and the slander of a town employee who has volunteered on the Mason Fire Department for years, been involved with many town committees. Don’t dislike Fred because of what you have heard from Dave. Think of it like the telephone game….You hear Dave’s side of a story, which will be altered when you explain it to someone else, who will also screw it up from there. Then we have someone who is 4 people removed from the situation that hates Fred because they hear he may have invented the wheel. All of this babble I’m writing really comes down to this. I have not seen bullies since high school, but the Old Timers in town have changed that. You are mad at someone who was elected as a town official. Grow up! No seriously grow up! I have lived here for 25 years and think that this is an all time low for many of you. Have you ever spoken to Fred? He’s a pretty nice guy and very knowledgeable. And for the rest of you who are trying to make his life horrible…..You’re making yourself look like whiney children and your representation of this town is a mockery and embarrassment. .

  12. Suzanne Kelly
    July 26, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    I agree. Most other important town positions are elected and I feel this should be as well.

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