The Most Livable State in the US Is…

State has topped this list published by CQ Press. New Hampshire ranks No. 1 because it excels in numerous important quality-oflife measures including low crime, low poverty, high income levels and a well-educated population. Coming in behind New Hampshire are Utah, Minnesota and Iowa. The least livable state is Mississippi, a position it has held on this CQ Press list for nine of the last 10 years. Close behind Mississippi are S. Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. Here are the top 20 states…

1. New Hampshire
2. Utah
3. Wyoming
4. Minnesota
5. Iowa
6. Nebraska
7. New Jersey
8. Vermont
9. Idaho
10. North Dakota
11. Connecticut
12. Viginia
13. Massachusetts
14. Colorado
15. South Dakota
16. Maryland
17. Kansas
18. Washington
19. Montana
20. Maine