The Grapevine

Having lived in Mason in the early ’70s and left around 1990, and having had the opportunity of being Mason’s first woman to serve as a Selectman (now called a Selectwoman), I can tell you how important the Grapevine was back then. Shirley Morley was the voice, if you will, back then and she kept the community well informed as to what was happening in town both politically and socially. And she wasted no words and did a great service to those of us who lived in Mason during that period of time.

I was also involved in the Historical Society along with Twig Jones and can recall cataloging a beautiful Juneau doll as well as a special Schoenhut child’s piano – pretty exciting stuff! We had many wonderful years in Mason, from 4H Club to Christmas cookie swaps at Lil Johnson’s house (next to good-old Charlie Crathern). It was a great experience for my family. We lived in the CW Anderson house on Old Ashby Road. We had 3 horses, chickens, a pig, raised a few turkeys, kept a few beef cattle and a huge veggie garden.

There are still people living in Mason with whom we were associated with: Ken Wilson, Dotsie and Wolfgang Millbrandt, Joan Losee, Jimmy Dunn, the Rafters, etc. – all dedicated people who served Mason residents with much pride (Nancy Richards, too).

Today you have a new group of similarly dedicated people who give of their time to serve the community. All of them – past and present (including the Grapevine) – deserve our thanks for their commitment. Without these good people, Mason would just be another small town.

We miss living there, but came away with a great feeling of belonging. Bob and I are in our late 70s now, but still enjoy reading about Mason, close to our hearts still! Keep up the good work and God bless.

Peg and Bob Gillette

Ed note: Peg and Bob were up for the Uncle Sam birthday/Old Home Day celebration last September. They both looked good and she was especially glad to see that the town hadn’t changed much.