Thank You

Living in New Hampshire during the winter months can be a bit stressful at times. I’ve been a resident of Mason for over seven years and one slight worry of mine has always been, “Will I make it up Campbell Mill road during a winter storm!”

Of course, if you have 4-wheel-drive or allwheel- drive you may not worry about snow or mud, but a few weeks ago I wasn’t thinking clearly in the morning and decided to take my front-wheel-drive car to work. On the way home, my biggest fear came true.

I had driven up this hill thousands of times and even in snowy conditions, but that night the bulk of snow hit Mason during the evening commute. Usually it is a 45-50 minute drive from Manchester, but that night I was already on Rtes. 101 and 13 for over two hours. I was getting tired and the snow was still coming down at a fast rate. So I took the turnaround at Cook’s Corner, looked in my rear view mirror and saw a vehicle approaching behind me. My confidence just went to pieces. But I thought for a second, I know what to do. shift down to a lower gear, put the pedal to the metal and try to keep my tires straight and just keep the car in control, hope for the best and most important, don’t lose my cool!

I actually made it to the first crest but could feel the tires slipping and then spinning. My only choice was to back down the hill. The car behind me was kind enough to stay at the bottom while I attempted to test my front-wheeldrive out. I guess the person in the car either stereotyped me as a “woman driver” and just wanted to get out of my way, or felt it was best to attempt the hill himself, leaving me to fend for myself. Whatever was on that person’s mind I commend you as your car actually drove up that hill like the ground was as dry as can be!

I quickly decided not to attempt it a second time, called it a defeat, and continued my drive home by option 2. Everything was going great as I passed Parkers Maple Sugar Barn and, oh no, not another hill! But this still isn’t as steep as Cook’s Corner so I should have no problem, right? Wrong. I just barely made it and couldn’t believe this was happening to me as I found myself in the middle of the road spinning my tires. This time a truck drove by me without stopping. I called my husband on the cell phone and while I was talking to him, two headlights appeared behind my car. I hope they can quickly assess the situation here. Oh, I forgot to put my emergency lights on, what was I thinking?

Well, a nice young man walked over to my car and he asked me if I wanted a push. He walked back to his car and a nice young girl came over to my window. Talk about being embarrassed, but situations like this put you in these humbling positions. I quickly asked her name and she replied Amy. I thanked them and asked the young man’s name. I think he said Russ. Well, they both pushed me forward as I gave it gas and the next thing I knew, my car was actually making traction with the road. I yelled out a big THANK YOU to the young couple. Gosh, I hope they were okay from the struggle to push my car forward. And what about the spray from the tires, did it get their coats all dirty? I was just too scared to stop! Thanks again Amy and Russ for caring enough to stop and help me out that snowy night. You are good people and I will make sure I return the favor to someone else!

Mary E. Wolfe